Charlotte: We Have a Problem.

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I woke up this morning pretty angry.

Last night was a very rare occasion where neither one of us could either attend or watch the game. I can count on one hand how many times that has happened over our 7-8 years of existence but when we got the notification that we were heading into overtime with the Bulls our reaction was similar to this…

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We have maintained for a long time that this team was just at times painfully mediocre with the potential to be above average. BUT when you can’t muster up the effort to beat a team that is on a 10 game losing streak at home…. WE ARE BAD RIGHT NOW!!!

Fun Fact: We were the last team the Bulls beat before they started their 10 game losing streak AND since the beginning of the season the Bulls have won 4 games… the Hornets account for 2 of them. 

Many would say “But we were missing Cody, Frank, Lamb and Clifford”… NO. I refuse to let that be an excuse when we had our top 4 highest paid players on the court with our All-Star point guard. you win that game against the worst team in the league. You not only win it but by the time the 4th quarter rolls around we should have a comfortable enough lead that we get to showcase our rookie Monk to the home crowd and get him some needed playing time.

Rightfully so, Hornets fans showcased their anger and frustration with the franchise last night on social media. We mostly watched and listened and asked them a few questions. Here are some of the polls we asked on Twitter.


That’s a telling stat right there. It’s pretty Incredible that Kemba Walker is an All-Star BUT because of this team… he’s not. Because of this team we have many that believe Kemba, The player who has done more for this franchise than any player in Hornets history, may have to be coughed up to start over.

The $72,000,000 man. I mean… Who in the league would even touch that contract with him? Even if we wanted to, who would we have to package with him to make it  even remotely digestible for another team? Dwight? the one sliver of hope we’ve had this season. Marvin? He hasn’t done anything since the Miami Heat playoff series. MKG? Monk? Now that would hurt. Let’s not even talk about it.

AHH the great debate. The process. Do we/you trust it? I mean haven’t we waited long enough in “NBA Purgutaory” (copyrighted BBTB 2015)? Haven’t we as a fan base done our time? 16 years and counting since we’ve won a playoff series. It took 14 to get a single playoff win. And would you even trust a franchise that has drafted MKG, Cody and Frank? But what is another 3, 4, 5 years of waiting to a Hornets fan?

Who’s fault is this?

And the peasants look past the soldiers and slowly lift their heads up to look at the nobles and king in the castle.

Let’s be honest. This franchise has done nothing for what looks like its going to be 14 seasons now. We’ve had 6 coaches in the past 10 years. The fan base threw them a raft with the rebrand begging the them to show life and things are beginning to feel all too familiar again. The rebrand was never meant to be the “fix”. It was meant to be a second chance to get things right. This may be shocking to some of you but this stint has been around for just about the same amount of time as the original Charlotte Hornets franchise.

Now I’m a visual guy so let’s take a look at the progress reports lined up.

Original Hornets Take 2
1988-89 20-62 2004-05 18-64
1989-90 19-63 2005-06 26-56
1990-91 26-56 2006-07 33-49
1991-92 31-51 2007-08 32-50
1992-93 44-38  E. Conf. Semis 2008-09 35-47
1993-94 41-41 2009-10 44-38  E. Conf. 1st Rnd
1994-95 50-32  E. Conf. 1st Rnd 2010-11 34-48
1995-96 41-41 2011-12 7-59
1996-97 54-28  E. Conf. 1st Rnd. 2012-13 21-61
1997-98 51-31  E. Conf. Semis 2013-14 43-39  E. Conf. 1st Rnd.
1998-99 26-24 2014-15 33-49
1999-00 49-33  E. Conf. 1st Rnd. 2015-16 48-34  E. Conf. 1st Rnd.
2000-01 46-36  E. Conf. Semis 2016-17 36-46
2001-02 44-38  E. Conf. Semis 2017-18 ?

Around the 6th season the Original Hornets had established themselves, besides the 1998-99 lockout season, as a consistent mid-40 win team that you could occasionally expect to break 50 on a good year. Consistent isn’t even a word I like using in the same sentence as the “Take 2”.

Now I know it’s not exactly fair to compare the 2 of them but it is more or less showing what can be done in 14 season and what we have done in 14 seasons.

This is the result, in our humble opinion, of complacency. As a fan base we’ve knocked the hornets nest before and forced, what felt like kicking and screaming, this organization into giving back our name. We deserve better. We should demand better. We have done our part to support this organization even when they didn’t exactly earn it and we have very little to show for it in return.

The question is what do we believe as fans we should do to make this change happen?

Buzz Breaking News: Black Unis and… White Throwbacks?

So “Royal Key” was somehow given access to the Hornets’ locker room and practice facility from the team’s equipment manager Jason Rivera and got to interview him in a cool video about the player’s day-to-day equipment needs and habits. Then….

At the 11:30 mark of the video you will hear something quite interesting.

We had already known that there would be a 5th Hornets uniform this season and we speculated that it would be the return of the fan favorite “Buzz City” uniform this time with a Jordan flare, presumably SLEEVELESS and you will see it come at the end of December!!! BUT what Jason said next caught us by surprise.

He said that they will be bringing back the White throwbacks next year and that is definitely some shocking and kick-ass news!!!

Poll: Does the Absence of Curry Change Your Plans for Attending Wednesday’s Game?

It is no secret that Charlotte’s fans are a little more enamored by the super star than most cities.

Rightfully so considering Charlotte is his hometown and we all grew up watching his pops in the teal and purple. But the atmosphere of Spectrum Center seems to do a complete 180 when he comes to town. The sea of teal and purple Curry jerseys shifts to a tidal wave of blue and gold ones.

This is obviously a big money maker for the home team. The prodigal son returns and with him comes the sale of thousands of tickets to seats that are usually left empty. They even completely shift their marketing campaigns for a short time. Usual montages of Kemba and company juking and dunking are replaced by clips that are filled with our own team being dominated. Odd.

Many people purchase their tickets far in advance in anticipation of the night but like lots of sports fans in Charlotte many gamble and wait until the day of to see if prices drop. THIS may have paid off for many Curry fans.

Curry rolled his ankle pretty viciously in the 4th Quarter of Monday night’s game against the Pelicans and ended up walking off in crutches. Then came the news Tuesday that Curry would be sitting out his homecoming game that he always looks forward to. He even joked that “I’m gonna have to call my dad and cancel our game of golf tomorrow”. No news on how severe the injury is yet but he seemed optimistic.

The major question this must leave to the Hornets organization is… does this impact the ticket sales we projected OR the actual number of people who will still come and buy food, beer, apparel etc.


Swarm Survey: 11/29

Bring Back The Buzz is by the fans, for the fans so we wanted to start a series called “#SwarmSurvey” where we ask YOU, the fan, questions about the team and we gauge your feelings on topics from the starting line up to your opinions on beer prices in the arena and share it with our 50,000+ followers on social media. We will post the questions on Twitter during the games to get max results and hopefully get a good sense of how Hornets Nation feels. 

Some questions will be originated by the BBTB Bros others will be submitted by fans like you who can ask Hornets Nation whatever you want (Submit Your Questions Below)

Here are smoe sample questions from last night’s game and their results just to get the ball rolling.


Ticket Trends and How That Impacts the Panthers

via Charlotte Observer

While it may too soon for Panthers fans to be thinking about Super Bowl tickets, with today’s onsale of the first-ever “The Night Before” concert, there’s a lot more to do around Super Bowl weekend, whether or not your planning to attend the game.  The show, which is co-produced by On Location Experiences and CBS Radio, will give 20,000 fans an opportunity to soak in the Super Bowl atmosphere at Xcel center, which is home to the Wild and every major concert that goes through the Twin Cities.


While parties have always been a staple of Super Bowl weekend, they’ve always been ultra exclusive, invite-only events.  For fans that didn’t have a connection to get a ticket one of the big parties, whether it’s Playboy, Maxim, ESPN, you were basically on your own to come up with a plan for the weekend, which required navigating through a ton of options. For average fans looking to get into one of the big parties, the secondary market was often the only option, with prices usually ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

With tickets as low as $67, the Dave Matthews show has created another option for fans to be a soak in the atmosphere without having to spend thousands more dollars on top of what they paid for their ticket. An article earlier this week in the Minnesota Star Tribune noted that the show’s tickets didn’t have a ‘very Super Bowl’ price.


For fans that are not into Dave Matthews, or just looking for a clubbier vibe, across town Florida – Georgia Line will play the 9,000-person Club Nomadic, now in it’s second year, and also run by OnLocation. The Tribune article goes on to speculate that it ‘could be the biggest Saturday night for concerts the Twin Cities has ever seen’ and tickets for that show are currently available for $200. While that’s expensive compared to the Dave Matthews price tag, it’s very affordable when compared to the prices you’d have to pay for a party like Playboy or Maxim.


Last year in Houston, Club nomadic was built from scratch and broken down at the end of the weekend.  This year’s version of the pop-up Club Nomadic will inhabit the Armory for three days, with two more acts still to be announced for Thursday and Friday night. Last year’s Super Bowl weekend entertainment featured Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, The Chainsmokers and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  If this years acts come anywhere close to that, it will make for an even more memorable weekend for fans that make their way to Minneapolis in February.  In addition to the acts, the Armory itself also has an interesting history, for both sports and music fans. While it has been a parking garage for over ten years, prior to that it was former home of the Minneapolis Lakers, and it also served a the backdrop for a Prince video shoot.   Unlike last year, when the parties are over this year, the Armory will remain as a brand-new 9,000-person venue that will be a major addition to the Minneapolis music and culture scene for years to come.


For fans that are feeling confident about the Panthers chances to return to the Super Bowl for the 2nd time in 3 seasons, On Location is also currently selling an all-inclusive ticket for $7,599.  In addition to a three-night hotel stay, that ticket also includes music on Friday or Saturday night as well as access to other weekend events, like tailgates and chef tastings, including the pre-game party at the Armory and feature ‘a curated tailgate-style menu with a Minnesota flair’.


Considering that tickets alone to last years game were going for $5,000 dollars and over $3,500 for the Panthers visit in 2016, that seems a really good deal, and also simpler way to enjoy the entire weekend than in year’s past.  It also means that the most complicated part of the equation is now whether or not the Panthers get there.

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Meet The “Bring Back the Buzz”Blog Team

The 2017-18 Season for the Charlotte Hornets is under way and it is time to introduce the starting lineup so far for the Bring Back The Buzz Blog!

Landon White (Bee-lieve This!)

I’m a native North Carolinian – Chapel Hill born and raised – who has been down with the Hornets from day one. After high school, I headed up to VA and attended Virginia Tech. I graduated and spent a few years in Virginia, and then packed up and moved down to Charlotte where I lived for ten years. Now I’m back in the Triangle still pulling hard for my Hornets (along with the Panthers, Hurricanes, and Hokies). Twitter (haven’t used it much in a while): @landonvt

Dallas Peyton (Bee Prepared)

Hey Hornets fans! My name is Dallas Peyton and I am a senior Sport Management and Business Student at Liberty University in Virginia. Born and raised in NC, I grew up going to Panthers and Bobcats games from an early age, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard that Hornets were coming home where they belong, and I can’t wait to spend this season talking Buzz City Basketball with you guys! Hit me up on Twitter at @Dallaswpeyton18

And as always….Let’s go Hornets!!

KYLE FLOYD (Hive Above)

Hey everyone, my name is Kyle Floyd. I am a proud lifelong fan of the Charlotte Hornets, along with other North Carolina based teams. While I am only a Junior in high school I always make time to watch every Hornets game, and enjoy having conversations about the team. You can find me on Instagram @Jonathan9Kyle or on Twitter @TarHeelBlood9 

RICH DEVITA (Rich’s Reaction)

I am a Charlotte native with a passion for this city and our teams. As an 80’s baby, I grew up with the Hornets. I am excited to share my thoughts on our Bugs. An alumni of East Carolina and married to Haley since 2012.

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(Left to Right: Scotty & Evan Kent)

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Uncle Jut Visual Journey: Hornets Open Practice

Saturday, Sept. 30 at noon at Spectrum Center we were invited to cover the Hornets Open Practice. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and invite our friend Uncle Jut and his camera to orchestrate his sorcery. We were hoping this would help convey the scene to those who could not attend in person. Without further further ado….. Feast your eyes.

You can follow Uncle Jut and his journeys around CLT at the link we provided above. Really hope we get to work with him again soon.


You can watch the Interviews we did with Players and Coaches and more videos around the event HERE.