Once Again, Cam Newton Makes People Dumb

There is a lot of grown ass adults today refusing to look at the Cam Newton signing logically because of their feelings towards him. They don’t like the way he dresses, they hate the way his hair looks, they don’t like that he wore a towel over his head, and they let those feelings cloud their judgment.

The signing of Cam Newton makes sense both on and off the field for the following reasons.

  1. Sam Darnold is injured.
  2. PJ Walker is not a starter.
  3. We are a half game out of the playoff race.
  4. We are undefeated in the NFC South
  5. We have the 2nd best Defense in the NFL
  6. We are loaded with weapons on offense
  7. Cam Newton was the best QB option on the Free Agent Market regardless of his relationship with Panthers.
  8. Ticket sales (the avg ticket cost for Cam’s projected return has doubled within the last 24 hours).
  9. Tepper likes money.
  10. Tepper doesn’t like opposing team’s fans filling up our stands.
  11. We need a leader on offense
  12. Cam is arguably the greatest Panther of all-time (definitely top 4) and this mends the relationship.
  13. It mends the relationship with a lot of Panthers fans that didn’t like the way we treated Cam.
  14. Cam helps us establish a running identity.
  15. Cam helps take some of the pressure off terrible o-line.

Absolutely no sane person (not even Cam fans) are expecting Cam to come back and be 2015 Cam. I repeat…NO SANE PERSON. All Cam has to do is be better than Sam. Which if we are being honest aint that damn hard. Will this work? Who the hell knows but at least we are not giving up. Oh, and stop saying no one wanted Cam. Cam turned down offers from Seattle and Houston because they weren’t the right fit.

So get out of your feelings about another grown ass man, shut up and enjoy the ride!

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