What You Need to Know About New Hornets Uniforms!

The Hornets posted a teaser on social media, an image of pinstripes last week that alluded to an impending announcement. Fans speculate that these would be new pinstripe uniforms and they were correct in their assumption.

The following day they posted a video of players reactions to what we assume are the uniforms. The very next day they posted a graphic with the date 8.27.20 and in Hornets fashion their plans were interrupted when on that date by the league players planning what some incorrectly called a “boycott”. Out of respect the Hornets announced that they would be delaying their reveal to the fans by a couple days and admitted that their speculation of new uniforms was spot on.

This delay made two things happen. gave the Hornets a little more time to talk the strategy of their announcement and which they altered by welcoming media in to a preview a couple hours before the fans AND to also to pair the unveiling of uniforms with another announcement we will be sharing soon.

The zoom unveiling allowed media to hear directly from Hornets Senior Vice President Seth Bennett on the logic behind the design and even ask some questions.

So after we share the designs of the Icon and Association jerseys with you we have jotted down some notes, thoughts and takeaways from that zoom call.


  • Always the first question. When can I buy them? The aim is for them to be available world wide by Oct. 1st
  • There is a 5 year minimum on updates for Association and Icon uniforms and this had been in the works since 2016. This is the reason we stayed with old design for so long. This also means these are our jerseys til at least 2025
  • These are basically our main jersey. replacing the ones that many deemed bland and safe
  • This was designed with Jordan brand, NBA and the same “rare design” company who designed our first uniforms all took part in this.
  • There is no maximum amount of times this uniform can be worn like there are restrictions for city and statement edition uniforms
  • The Hornets purposely tried to tie together all the different eras of Hornets uniforms into this design. you’ll even notice the double pinstripe which is an ode to the 1997-02 uniforms (Which the Hornets plan to bring back and wear for classic nights sometime in the coming years. maybe an anniversary).
  • Still working on details for this years city edition uniforms for this season
  • Statement uniforms will remain as the purple CHA’s for at least one more season
  • We speculate that the city edition will likely have pinstripes as well and will revert back to Buzz City.
  • They specifically mentioned several times that fan feedback played a huge role in their designs. They listened to fans comments on social media as well as watched fan polls. Meaning your voice was heard so don’t ever stop sharing your thoughts because you could help with the next uniform design.


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