BrewPublik & Bring Back the Buzz (Review 1 of 2)

Around a month ago we partnered up with “BrewPublik”, and they hooked my brother and I up with our own crates. Unfortunately Evan has yet to come back to Charlotte since the crates were delivered but mine was consumed awhile go. In light of the amazing experience I had, I have decided to review the 4 beers that were tailored  to fit my tastes. 

1. Fullsteam Brewary – Cack-A-Lacky Ginger Pale Ale 

Out of the 4 beers this one was without a doubt the most unique. It was incredibly smooth with a very unique ginger after taste. If I am not mistaken the ginger used to create the beer comes from North Carolina (hence the name, they are also brewed out of Durham, NC)

2. NoDa Brewery – Hop Drop n’ Roll India Pale Ale

This beer was without a doubt my favorite of the beer. Hop Drop n’ Roll  is hands down the best IPA I have ever had. It has loads of citrus flavor without being overbearing. They clearly have the balance down with the hops and the alcohol does not take over the beer. To me nothing can ruin an IPA quicker than the alcohol being too strong. I definitely recommend this beer

3. Great Lakes Brewery – Commodore Perry IPA

To me this one was not bad but forgettable. There was nothing that stood out, in a good or bad way. The beer was very balanced, had a malty flavor but left me wanting more. I had never tried anything from Great Lakes Brewary before but I did manage to look on their website and they had a beer called “Burning River” that I’m interested in trying. 

4. Stone – Levitation American Pale Ale

I was not a fan of this beer. It came across to watery and very bitter. I usually don’t mind a bitter beer but, if it is going to be bitter I want the carbonation to be stronger. The alcohol content seemed to be relatively low for the style of beer. 


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