Charlotte Bobcats meeting/cocktail party tongiht and updates on name change

We were just interviewed by the wonderful Sarah Batista WBTV from WBTV News and the story will be on tonight at 6. 

In other news, as many of you know there is a meeting/cocktail party the Charlotte Bobcats are holding prior to tonight’s game. The party/meeting was by invite only, well one of my good friends happened to be invited and I am their guest. At the meeting they are suppose to be discussing the future of the Bobcats organization. 

I will be tweeting live updates from the event on our twitter handle @bringbackthebuz (one “z”).

Tonight at 8pm marks the last game the New Orleans Hornets will ever play and once that game is over the Hornets name is officially up for grabs. 

Hopefully will be able to welcome Hugo back to his true hive very soon.


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