What’s In A Name?

“What’s In A Name?” is a question that many people have asked us. Here is a piece of our response to that question.

You might not agree with this point but the fact is, reality gives it validity.

A good majority of the vocal supporters of the “Bring Back The Buzz” movement are a part of a generation that were brought to Charlotte Hornet’s games by their parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc. We are the loud ones. We could not vote on the arena issue but loved this team none the less. We are the Bobcat fans asking for a change.

Now the people standing proud behind this movement with a smile on their faces as we attempt to make history are our same parents, grandparents and loved ones. Nothing could be more rewarding than to watch your children fight to carry on the very heritage you passed onto them.

My brother and I have come into contact with hundreds of these people and the story is almost always the same. Once the NBA left Charlotte they quit caring about it and discontinued watching the games. They understand our generations attempt to rekindle what we had as kids but they feel as if the city and the NBA forced an unwanted apology on us (The Bobcats).  In their opinion, which is very similar to ours, this franchise has done very little to listen to the people of the city in which it resides. The only thing that could bring them back out to the games would be for this team to rebrand to the Charlotte Hornets. For instance our father, who is very frugal with his money (sorry Dad its true:) and is the one that took my brother, Mom and I to our Hornets games, is very strongly considering season tickets. What he said to the ticket rep was “All you have to say is that we are APPLYING for a name change and I will buy the season tickets.”

A very close friend of ours father was a HUGE Hornets fan and has only gone to one Bobcats game since they’ve been here, that was a SWARM we hosted, said “As soon as they change the name back to the Hornets I will attend as many games as my job allows me to go to!”

Our Mom, Mama Buzz as some of you may know her as, is our BIGGEST supporter and that is because of what the Charlotte Hornets meant historically to this city but most of all to our family. Both our parents are from Pennsylvania but raised us as hardcore Charlotte Hornets fans in case you hadn’t noticed. This is a family issue.

This is a giant demographic whose opinions and wallets cannot be ignored.

3 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

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  2. my phrase is BRING THE HIVE BACK ALIVE!!! or BRING THE HIVE BACK ALIVE IN THE QUEEN CITY!!! I made them up and are all my original idea. got the idea from an old Carlotte Hornets poster that said “Alive in the hive!”

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