The Charlotte Bobcats Town Hall Meeting with Adam Silver Recap

Well, like I said earlier I spoke with John Morgan from We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! about the Town Hall meeting. The following points were made….

1) The Charlotte Bobcats word of the night was patience (mentioned at least 10 times)

2) The NBA is on board with the name change and they are just waiting on the Bobcats to make the move.

3) Adam Silver mentioned the “Glory Days” of the Charlotte Hornets 3 times.

4) Adam Silver complimented fellow beeliever on his Larry Johnson shirt and his Charlotte Hornets hat, and the crowd erupted.

5) Adam Silver took a picture holding a “We Beelieve” picture.

6) Adam Silver would love to bring an All Star game back to Charlotte but the Bobcats have not applied.

7) Fred Whitfield said the research is ongoing and no decision has been made about the name change.

8) Silver said if Michael Jordan wants to change name from Bobcats to Hornets it would be an 18-month process.

As you guys know there will be a private presentation to a selected group of people before the Bobcats game on Wednesday before the final game of the season.

I will be present for this one and will be doing something very similar to what We Beelieve. We will be tweeting live from the event on our Twitter page @bringbackthebuz and letting you guys know what is being discussed.


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