Dear Charlotte, From Bring Back the Buzz


The Best Place on Earth

Dear Charlotte,

Many of you may remember, that early on in this adventure, we wrote a letter to Michael Jordan. We inadequately poured out our memories and feeling into a heartfelt plea for the return of the Hornets and asked y’all to do the same. Those letters have been our inspiration. After the last few days, and with the final SWARM fast approaching, we’ve decided to write a letter addressed to those folks who’ve been on this ride with us.

To the pro-Buzz media:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to listen to the fans and step back and look at the big picture. For many of you this was not simply a jump on the band-wagon and your taking a position involved more than just a bit of professional risk-taking. You’ve been gracious with us neophytes, but always professional. Now that Evan is turning 21 this week,we’d love to sit down and have a couple beers with you.

To the media Buzz killers:

Please accept our deepest apologies for our being thorns in your side. We’re truly saddened for you that the paradigm is shifting away from traditional print journalism. Maybe, just maybe, if we made ANY money at all doing this, and didn’t have to tweet and post between classes or follow the clues on a cracked iphone, we’d care a bit more about a misplaced apostrophe. Seriously, we truly acknowledge your talents and following. It would be no fun without you. Thanks so much for keeping us honest.

To the Bee-lievers:

You are our kindred spirits – you inspire us and keep us going. We love your passion and your wonderful creative ideas. You are the ones who quote Cornwallis and bleed teal and purple. You are and always will be the best and truest fans in the greatest hometown around. Thanks for helping us keep the Buzz alive!

To the naysayers:

You may be right We may be crazy But we’re just the kind of lunatics this town is looking for … (apologies to Billy Joel)

To John Morgan:

Man, thanks for having our back. We both know that it would have been easy to be in competition or at each-others’ throats. Great minds think alike, or perhaps just differently enough to cover the Hornets 2.0 movement from every angle. We hope we’re there to see the look on your face when our collective dream becomes a reality. Besides –we could never rock the white tux the way you do!

To our Friends and Family:

Thank you for being the best of Bee-lievers. To Jax and Mama and Papa Buzz and the gang, too many to list, who have given of their time and donated resources to Bring Back The Buzz. Thank you for talking us down, building us up, and catching us when we fall. Thank you for following us around and embarrassing yourselves for the cause. When all this is said and done, it will be all about you and the memories we share –we love you guys!

Well …that about covers it. We’re all in this together folks…just trying to Bring a little Buzz Back to the City we love. OK Charlotte –Let’s SWARM!!!!!!!!!!!


Evan and Scotty Kent Bring Back The Buzz

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