The difference between feeling like we have won and knowing: #BringBacktheBuzz

We Beelieve and Bring Back the Buzz would  like to make 2 simple requests out of all True Beelievers this morning. Depending on your internet speed, they MIGHT take a total of 90 seconds. If you could SHARE this, it’d be appreciated!:

1) Visit the Charlotte Bobcats Facebook page. Politely, succinctly, let them know how important the return of the Hornets brand is to you. I’ve attached a fun photo if you’d like to use it.

2) If you haven’t already, sign our Charlotte Hornets 2.0 Petition. If you have signed it, invite 5 or 10 friends to sign…we’re creeping up on 11,000!!!

Yesterday’s news makes it FEEL like we’re zeroing in on a victory, gang. However, FEELING and KNOWING, as we’ve all come to understand, are two entirely different states of mind. I don’t know about y’all, but I plan on keeping the pressure on until Hugo the Hornet is descending from the rafters opening night.

Y’all know what to do…




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