Did You Know: The Hornets Pool


Did You Know: The Hornets Pool.

These images are from George Shinn’s old home on Lake Wylie where he had a pool designed to look like a basketball court and have the Charlotte Hornets logo in the middle.

Ironically the the original home was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 2008 and the only thing to remain was this BEE-autiful pool… Poetic Justice.

Many beelieved that when construction began on the site for a new home that the pool would fall victim and bee destroyed BUT the construction company refurbished the pool, added a raised hot tub, and completely redid the pool deck, while preserving the original tiled Hornet. (See First Image)

The following images are what the pool looked like before construction began on the site!



The house appears to be for sale still if any of you are interested. Last we heard it was on the market for 2.8 Million but things could have changed.

Take a closer look at the house now.



***after this article was written in 2016 some of the links died as we presume it was sold and we are still currently researching for more info***

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