Did You Know: How We Almost Became the Charlotte Dragons


Well we all know about the Charlotte Bobcats logos and how Bob Johnson chose to name our team after himself in Step 1 of his mission to screw up everything and make Charlotte hate him but here are some of the early ideas and designs for the name.

Now something few may remember is the other two names that were thrown around and that actually tested better in Charlotte than the Bobcats. Firstly was the most popular of the 2, The Charlotte Flight


Some Early Designs

This name makes much more sense and tested the best with the First in Flight history in North Carolina, It’s connection with basketball and would have transferred over very smoothly to His Airness’ ownership… Instead of Swarm Squad imagine the Flight Crew lol

Now instead of the Charlotte Spiders and naming our arena Charlotte’s Web and having the Black Widows as the Cheer leading team the next most popular name was the Charlotte Dragons! Not entirely sure why but it would have at least been better than the High School basketball name Bobcats… Here are some of the early designs you may not have seen.



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