If The Hive Is NOT Sold Out


Two things can be taken from opening night if the game is not sold out.

1) the Hornets are charging too much when it is $50 for the back corner. Remember where you came from. You haven’t done anything yet. Yes, you changed the name and people will pay for that but you haven’t done enough on the court yet for that to be the price.

2) the fan base has been going nuts for months and made us second in the league in new season ticket sales only behind cleveland BUT more people need to put their money where their mouth is. If you have been a huge supporter of the name coming back then $50 should not be why you don’t help fill up the hive for the first night. Especially when we have people contacting us and telling us they are flying in from Belgium and need help finding a hotel.

The Hive will only bee as great as we make it. We brought back the Hive NOW let’s Get The Hive Alive! The people of Charlotte getting off their butt and taking action is what brought the name back. We can’t lose sight of that so close to what could be the birth of a new era for not just basketball in Charlotte but for our great city’s culture.


4 thoughts on “If The Hive Is NOT Sold Out

  1. I bought bobcats tickets last season in the lower section for 30 bucks a piece… I’ve spent 3 times that much on hornets apparel. Cheaper tickets could mean a guaranteed sold out Hive every night.

  2. 1. There are tickets available for less than $50 a seat for the opening game.
    2. The main thing is people need to put their money where their mouth is. As a season ticket holder, I’ve noticed some people don’t fully understand the pricing mechanism for the NBA. First and foremost. Things like this don’t happen in professional sports. Teams don’t leave, take the name, and the name reappear in the original city very often, if ever. I’ve noticed people don’t want to fork over the $$$ to see the marquee games. People want Hornets/Golden State tix for $30 ea. Do they realize it is a Friday night game with the son of one of the most beloved Charlotte Hornets ever?? Not to mention a western conference playoff team??

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