GET INVOLED In The Charlotte Hornets Media Day!

10362944_10101780532755103_572162112_nWe were granted the privilege of being one the Charlotte Hornets fan blogs/sites that was selected to attend “Media Day” on Monday Sept. 29th. As you may have noted in the past we are not like other fan blog/sites. We like to beelieve that we are “By The Fan, For The Fan.”

This being said, we are not exactly sure what the format of the day will be but we want to try and get our followers involved.

***PLEASE COMMENT on this post any questions you want to see us ask any players and staff we may come across!***

FYI, we will also have a professional photographer with us to capture as much of the day as possible… IF that is allowed!

One thought on “GET INVOLED In The Charlotte Hornets Media Day!

  1. I would like to see you guys something along the lines of how much did grassroots movements and community support play in bringing about the name change?

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