NEEDED: Charlotte Hornets Analyst Writer


With the beginning of the Hornets season coming quickly we are preparing our blog to carry the large amount of information that will be flooding in.

If you see how we have constructed our Panthers pages there is a section called “4th and Growl”, currently written by Austin Stallings, who is handling the game previews and the “X’s and O’s” side of the game. We also have “Monday Morning Quarterback” which is a play on Peter King’s series but is focused on the Panthers. This is a raw, emotional, fanatical response to the game that happened the day before intended to spur debate and discussion. This is written by David Gabriel.

NOW, for the Hornets. We have a section that is called “Buzz Weekly” that will be focused on giving our audience a recap of the previous weeks events and a synopsis of what you can expect in the following week. This will provide everything from Player News to Upcoming Fan Events. This will be kick started around the time of the Charlotte Hornets “Buzz Fest“.

We are currently looking for a writers who knows the “X’s and O’s” of basketball. Somebody who knows what a triangle offense is and would have fun attempting to explain it to their friend. Obviously you must know the Charlotte Hornets. We only ask that you be able to commit to writing at least one blog post a week.

If you send us a sample please have it bee about the Hornets so we can get a feel for your knowledge of the team you will be writing about.

***Email us a writing sample at***

***Use Subject Line “BBTB Writing Sample” so we don’t miss it*** 

please understand that this is not a paying position. This is a great way for a writer to get their work seen by thousands of fans. We do it for the love.

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