A Dying Breed: Our Interview With CDR! The Most Interesting Man in Charlotte!


On December 11th the Charlotte Bobcats signed Chris Douglas-Roberts from the Texas Legends. Like most Bobcats fans we were intrigued. We knew we had heard the name before but our memory failed us on where from.

Fans had to wait 9 days till they got to see him take the court against the Pistons. None of us knew what to expect from this 27 year old, 6′ 7″ guy covered in tattoos from head to toe and hair like Reggie Warrington (the comedian from “Nutty Professor” played by Dave Chapelle).

His first shot and only shot of the game happened when he ran the baseline and threw up a floater that easily fell in.We were immediately captivated by the charisma and work ethic that he brought to the court. Though he only scored 2 points in that game it was obvious that Charlotte fans could expect a lot more… and he didn’t fail to deliver!

Lord knows he stole our hearts with the game winner against the Hawks but he was a fan favorite long before that. Luckily we had the chance to ask him a few questions. Hopefully this will help quench your appetite for more information on the player that has become the most interesting man in Charlotte and the most humble player in the NBA!


BBTB- Not long after you became a member of the Charlotte Bobcats you quickly earned the title of a  “fan favorite” . As huge supporters of this team we always like to know the stories of the individuals who play for us. You have referenced your experiences, and how they separate you from others. What is your story and how has it shaped you into the player you are today?

CDR-I like to describe my story as the gladiator/warrior story. To make it brief, I’ve always felt that I had something to prove no matter what the situation was. I’ve always been ultra competitive and I always hated losing as a child. That translated into success in basketball. Since high school I’ve always been highly ranked. More so because of my will to win and work ethic. Memphis I worked myself into being a Consensus All-American/Naismith finalist by my junior year. Sidenote: I’ve always expected success because I worked so hard. I figured out early in my life that hardwork trumps all. Anyway, for whatever reason I was drafted 40 in the draft in 2008-2009 to the Nets. This is the part of the story people don’t know. My rookie year I played sparingly due to injury, mainly Vince Carter. However the end of that year I got healthy and my minutes increased and I played really well to finish the year off. That next year we traded Vince Carter (who I was playing behind) and I flourished. For the first 3 months of that season I started and averaged 17ppg and 6rbs. Coach Frank got fired…things changed…got traded to Milwaukee, had a couple 30 point games there and the next year I was in Italy during lockout. After the lockout it has been an uphill battle up until this point in my career. People who don’t follow me wouldn’t know that I’ve had success in this league already as a starter. That is why I seem so comfortable on the floor. Because of my past success in the NBA, coupled with my work ethic I feel overly prepared on the floor. And that translates to productivity.

While I was out the NBA a lot of people counted me out. A lot of teams gave up on me. Agents too. That made me that more of a killer. It made me work harder. It drove me insane. All I wanted to do was work out and be pissed off at the people who doubted me. Without that who knows if I’d be doing this interview for you guys. That time grew an even bigger chip on my shoulder. It shaped me into the player and person I am today.

BBTB-How did it feel to participate in your first playoff series ever and how would you describe the chemistry of this team? Is there anything about this team that seems different or better than any of the other teams you have been a member of?

CDR-Even though we’ve been eliminated, this has been the most fun I’ve had since Memphis. Playing in the playoffs Is a milestone for me and a lot of the other guys on the team. I also like the fact that we played the Heat in our first playoff experience. This was exactly what we needed. They are the champs. Even in defeat we’ve gained valuable experience which will help us greatly in our futures.

I absolutely love this team/organization. Great character guys from top to bottom. I feel it translates on the court at times. There are no overpowering egos here. That’s the biggest difference I’ve seen in this lockeroom. Winning is the singular goal shared by all of us.

BBTB-What are your thoughts of Charlotte and how has your time here been?

CDR-I love Charlotte. I love the people. I love how it’s growing. I love the weather. The people have really embraced me. I think they like my hair.

BBTB-What would it mean for you to be a member of the Charlotte Hornets and who was your favorite player of the Charlotte Hornets growing up?

CDR-Now that all of this is over, it’s really time to think about my future. Sucks, but this is the business side. I’d love to be here next year and continue to build with these guys. Like I previously said, this is the most fun I’ve had in my career. However I can’t predict the future. Being a Charlotte Hornet would be awesome.

My favorite Hornet was Glenn Rice. He’s a Michigan guy and he could flat out play. One of the more underrated players ever to me.

BBTB-We are huge hip hop heads (got to meet School Boy this past weekend in Charlotte) and I remember hearing you say at one of the games that if you could meet anyone  from any point in history it would be 2pac. How does your musical taste play a role in your life and who do you listen to? .You also seem to have such a unique style, where do your influences come from?

CDR-Music and sports go hand in hand. They both serve similar purposes. To entertain. We’re entertained by them and they’re entertained by us and you all are entertained by both of us. I listen to a little bit of everything. It all depends on my mood. Usually when I’m getting dressed I’m playing some cool stuff. Like Nipsey Hussle. He’s probably my favorite artist right now. Most of the time I like laid back stuff though. The new Kid Cudi tape is tight to me. The song “Too bad I have to destroy you now” is so sick man. I’m really feeling that Wiz & Berner “El Chapo” That’s my sh*t. That’s the kind of stuff I listen to. Haahahahahah.

I describe my style as “my style.” It’s not influenced or inspired by anybody or any thing. I have the high end Hippy/Rockstar style. I may wear the same skinny jeans for a week straight but I’m going to be stylish in them everyday. I only do quality pieces though. I wear Rick Owens and Alexander Wang tee shirts, but I may wear the same one 3x a week. If you’re going to buy clothes think quality over hype. Quality will actually help your pockets in the long run. I’ll have these shirts forever.

I read an NBA dude paid $6,000 for a pair of Yeezys. Hey whatever, but I don’t want young kids to feel that’s what they need to do to feel cool. Go out and buy something just because it’s the “thing to do.” I want kids to know you can be cool in a pair of $40 Chuck Taylor’s. You don’t have to have 20 pair of jeans. You can wear the same ones like CDR does. I want to let kids know that they make whatever they want to make cool. Don’t feel insecure because somebody has a pricier material item that you do. Like….you’re cool because you’re cool. Not because you have a pair of Jordan’s or a pair of Nikes everybody else is wearing. Being original is the coolest sh*t to me. The majority seem like a copy of some one else. I can look in the mirror every morning knowing that I’m original. My hair is my hair. You know what I’m saying? I’ll be here forever.

To learn more about CDR follow him on Twitter : @g55_cdr

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