The future of #BringBacktheBuzz and yesterday’s meeting with the Bobcats


“Bring Back the Buzz” logo

“The future of #BringBacktheBuzz and yesterday’s meeting with the Bobcats”

For those of you who have been following us since the beginning you know we never in a million years anticipated Bring Back the Buzz to become what it has and when we started we made a promise to one another never to lose sight of what our original goal was. We began Bring Back the Buzz with the intention to not just change the name of our NBA franchise but change the culture surrounding it. While this city was able to accomplish the first goal, we believe we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to the second.

As some of you may know we were contacted by the Bobcats roughly a month and a half ago regarding an issue the NBA had with our brand. The Bobcats were kind enough to halt the NBA, and inform them that they knew who we were, and that they had somewhat of a relationship with us (unfortunately, as we later found out in the meeting…..other groups were not so lucky). The Bobcats told us they were not exactly sure what the NBA had a problem with but that it surrounded something regarding our brand.

As you can imagine, given that our current occupations include being a college student and a teacher, we do not necessarily have the funds to compete with the NBA (nor do we want to). After receiving this information and laughing about how ironic it was that the group who cried “name change” was about to lose it’s own, we then decided to perform our own re-brand and trademarked our name. This is why since last February we elected to ditch our “Hugo” for the crown and fork the $ over to get a nice little “TM” next to our name.

Yesterday at 6:15 the Bobcats called us in to let us know the verdict, we are allowed to continue to be “Bring Back the Buzz” and our current logo is fine. They also let us know that they have agreed to donate “something” for our SWARM 4 Charity event on April 16th at Fitzgerald’s Charlotte. They also expressed their admiration for Play Charlotte, and agreed that it is something this city desperately needs.

As far as an official relationship goes, it is in our best interest to stay independent, it is what makes this group so special. Our content is fueled by the individuals who have identified with the movement, it does not need to be regulated by a higher authority, and since this group was inspired by a need for change….the last thing it needs is to be restricted. We will keep Bring Back the Buzz as the voice for the fans and a vehicle for this city to express it’s admiration or displeasure with the franchises that call it home.

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