Bring Back the Buzz speaks with Cats and finds out about “Name Change survey” going out to the city!

Information is coming and it is coming fast. We have been on the phone with Charlotte Bobcats all morning trying to find the answer to “If we buy season tickets today would we be able to participate in the survey?”. The answer to that question is YES! 

The other thing I was told, is that there WILL be a SURVEY going out to the CITY in a few days asking the same question. I was then informed that season ticket holders’ opinion will be looked at “differently”. Which I perfectly understand because you do not want to anger the people who are already supporting you. 

I then had a wonderful conversation with the Bobcats’ employee. I told him who I was. I also thanked him and the Bobcats for putting out this survey and I let him know that we are Bobcats fans. He said that he knew about our event last Saturday and that if anyone wanted to speak with him about seasons tickets to call in. He also told me that a lot of the season ticket holders who were calling in were saying that they wanted the “Hornets” name back. 

He was really excited to hear that the Bring Back the Buzz guys were fans of the team and I told him that I would be at the game tonight! We then talked about Haywood not being the answer, Cousins trade rumors and Rudy Gay trade rumors. All and all it was awesome to have some positive interaction with the our franchise.Image

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