“Bring Back the Buzz” Interviewed by Creative Loafing

Last month Steve Jones of Creative Loafing Charlotte wrote an article about why the Hornets should not return to Charlotte. Well, needless to say he received a ton of backlash when we posted it on here…even from his own nephew Jamie Jones. 

Enough to convince him to wanna hear our side. Well, earlier this week I had an interview with Steve Jones (great guy), telling him about our movement, explaining to him it’s importance and everything else. 

Now, Steve just told me that it was posted but also that there where some mistakes that happen when it was given to the editor.

The Mistakes Are as Follows

I am the “Co-Founder”, could not have done this without my brother Evan.

I was originally asked about the excitement ofwww.bringbackthebuzz.com , our twitter, and blog taking off. When it went through editing, that somehow got changed to me being asked about We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! as if it were mine instead of John Morgan’s page (We BeElieve not We Believe…John and myself had a laugh over that one)

It also made Steve seem like he was angry , but in reality he was a really cool guy and fun to talk to.

The important thing is that we got some PR, it mentions the SWARM Time Warner Event, and gets us some ATTENTION BEFORE WE SWARM!!!!!



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