Charlotte Hornets in New Orleans!!

As some of you may know our partner in crime John Morgan is in New Orleans as we speak. While John happens to be there for this little show called “Jeopardy”, that has not stopped him from getting his Sherlock on. I received a text message from John a few days ago with the images in this post. To both of our astonishment the “New Orleans Hornets” brand down there seems to be exactly like the “Charlotte Bobcats” brand up here…..NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. However, there seems to be one team that is present in all of the stores in New Orleans and it happens to be the same team that is present everywhere in Charlotte. I will give three guesses which team that is and the first two guesses don’t count.

The Man behind the Charlotte Hornets 2.0 Designs!!!! Rollin BigDub Garcia in his New Orleans Bar with our very own John Morgan!!

He gave Hugo 2012 a spot on the wall at his Bar in New Orleans!!

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