$ to Bring Back The Buzz

You need only Google Image Bring Back The Buzz and the first two things that pop up are T-shirts made by local Charlotte designers for the movement. Hundreds of these shirts have sold and contrary to many people’s beeliefs neither one of us have recieved a dime for any of the apparel sold.

The only reason this has bothered Scotty and I is because we are both very broke and put hundreds of our own personal money into this movement.

We have decided to trademark “Bring Back The Buzz” and its logo NOT for our own personal financial gain BUT in order for us to sell apparel so that we can turn it back into the movement.

Our goal is that by the time the new season starts in November we can have enough money raised to buy a billboard in downtown Charlotte!!!

updates on cost will be up as soon as we find out!

If you have any advise or wish to donate money to this endeavor please feel free to comment or email us at bringbackthebuzz@yahoo.com . remember this is a community effort so all feedback is helpful!

One thought on “$ to Bring Back The Buzz

  1. I really appreaciate everything you guys are doing and this city needs you to keep pushing and make this happen.

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