Tonights the Night!

Come Out Tonight! From 7 pm to 10 pm and join us at Baileys for a night of Hornets excitement there hasn’t been since they left the Queen City. There will be something for everybody!

We will have free food buffet courtesy of Rave. There will be waitresses dressed in teal and purple! Trivia with prizes that I cannot disclose….lets just say 50 yard line *cough* Panthers *cough*! a photo booth for a dollar and a raffle where proceeds will go to Metro School. If you have fallin in love with the Bring Back The Buzz gear it will all be at Baileys tonight!

I know your next question is “how do i get there?” Have no fear! go to the main page at and click on the link at the top which will take you right to the Facebook Event with directions and an address listed. Come out and find out the stuff I didnt talk about on here 😛

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