Tomorrow’s Party at Bailey’s = the future of Charlotte Hornets 2.0

Tomorrow at Bailey’s Sports Bar & Grille Charlotte Hornets fans will reunite once again around 7pm. This time they will be meeting for a few reasons but the main one still being the infamous “name change”. John Morgan of the “We Beelieve” campaign has teamed up with “Rave Productions” to create a NBA Draft Lottery Party/Trivia Night/Charity Raffle. The proceeds from the raffle will go towards benefiting the Metro School in Charlotte. There will be a great deal of Charlotte Hornet themed prizes as well as TWO LOWER LEVEL 50 YARD LINE seats for our Panthers’ October match up against the Seahawks. There will be a free buffet, drink specials and waitresses sporting the wonderful Teal & Purple.

On a completely separate note Scotty Kent from “Bring Back the Buzz” has recently been granted a teaching position at a school in Charlotte. Scotty is a currently a school teacher in Greensboro and is excited about the opportunity to return home.


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