Perry Bumgardner’s Letter to Michael Jordan


Dear Mr. Jordan,
Long before “SuperCam”, the internet and dvd’s dominated our world, there was the Charlotte Hornets. Every night the bugs took to the court, it joined not just a city, but a wide range of people together as one. The first time I saw the Hornets I was at awe. Finally we had a sports team. Finally we had “our team”. I was seven years old.
The cooliest thing was seeing Charlotte make the playoffs for the first time. The whole state was electric. Seeing Alonzo Mourning sink the historic Boston Celtics was magical. The Hive was rocking, and would stay that way for many years. Until the downfall of our once glorified leader in a scandal that rocked the city. Still, we pressed on, determined to one day finally wear that championship ring.
We grew up knowing the players on a first name basis. ” Man did you see was Zo did? How about L.J. or Dell?” I challange anyone outside of your front office to name every single Bobcat in franchise history. I am willing to bet there are quite a few people who can still recall the entire lineup of the Hornets first season. That’s the connection you are seeking with the fans. As the Bobcats, you WILL NEVER have that.
WE dont ask you, Mr. Jordan, we DEMAND Mr. Jordan a change. We need to feel the Buzz again. The same Buzz that sold out the Coliseum for years. The same Buzz that made thousands of people proud of their team no matter what the record. Mr. Jordan, BRING BACK THE BUZZ. BRING BACK MY HORNETS.


Perry Bumgardner

2 thoughts on “Perry Bumgardner’s Letter to Michael Jordan

    1. I’m so sorry. I forgot I was writing this to an English teacher and not an owner of a NBA team.

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