Will Long’s Letter to Michael Jordan!

Dear Mr. Jordan,


I was born in Charlotte, and I grew up in a Charlotte Hornet environment. My family and I were huge fans, and we went to games all the time. I had all the Hornets gear, from hats to jerseys to shorts, and, of course, a Bulls 23 jersey. Here are a few words that come to mind when I think of Charlotte Hornet Basketball: electric, cheerful, and meaningful. Night in and night out, the team went out and competed with the support of the city. There is no other experience that can be compared to a night in the Hive. When we lost the Hornets, I was very upset. I couldn’t believe our team was moving. When I heard that it’s a possibility we could get the name back, I was ready to do anything I could to help this happen. I own a season ticket package with the Bobcats, and I have been to about twenty games this season. I would love to see the Charlotte basketball franchise once again thrive, and I will continue to support my team no matter what. The Hive can be alive again. Mr. Jordan, you have an opportunity to once again impact the basketball world and the great state of North Carolina. Please “BEE”-lieve, and Bring Back the Buzz to Charlotte.


Will Long

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