HORNETS REVEAL: New Jordan Brand Uniforms

via hornets.com


So yea… We’ve got Jordan Brand uniforms and we’re the only ones! First professional team in the U.S. to do so and still no word on the sponsorship spot after the Hornets hired Excel Sports Management to shop the spot.

Hornets unveiled new uniforms Monday morning to mixed reviews. Some felt like they were a little “sharkweeked” referencing all the hype behind Michael Phelps racing a shark only to be let down by a lackluster conclusion. Some were just happy that the teal looked a little more… teal? And some were confused as to why “Charlotte” was taken off the teal uniforms.

Let’s break it down real quick.

Nike made some statements back in mid July that basically said that they were moving away from the traditional “home” and “away” uniforms and not forcing the home team to wear white uniforms. Rather they are giving the teams two primary uniforms, an “Association” uniform and a “icon” uniform. This will give the home team more freedom to choose each game what they want to wear. This sheds light onto why they took “Charlotte” off the teal uniforms and we will likely see it on the other uniforms.

“The “Association Edition” will be the team’s traditional white uniform, while what was formerly the road uniform will now be designated as the “Icon Edition.” The two remaining editions will be revealed later this fall.”- NBA.com


The Classics?

A lot of people freaked out when the reveal showed no sign of the classic uniform with the pinstripes and were ready to march on Jordan/Nike headquarters. PUMP THE BRAKES. 

8 teams will be awarded “classic” uniforms that will nod to some of the team’s more iconic looks. These will be available in the fall. Soooooooooo

Patience Buzz City. This image gives me a warm fuzzy that Jordan is taking care of us 😉 Just take a moment to appreciate that it looks like MKG has been hitting the gym!

BUT, what do you think?

P.S. Hornets hope to have the uniforms available and have the official unveiling Sept. 29th with the opening of the team store after renovations.



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