Hornets Get Back To BIZ-Ness Against The Brooklyn Nets

After a hard loss on the road to the Chicago Bulls, it is time for the Hornets to get focused and re-evaluate their game plan against their next game, against the Brooklyn Nets, to keep a shot at their playoff hopes.

With Big Al out and Zeller day to day, the Hornets look to Bismack Biyombo to help defend the hive tonight against the Nets.

Bis has had a solid season with

vs. Brooklyn 2 21.5 .667 9.0 0.5 1.0 0.0 3.5 5.5

Biz needs to be aware that the Nets are most likely going to target him and try harder to draw fouls off of him when attacking the rim, to avoid this he needs to make sure to play aggressive defense but to play feet planted-hands up defense and be more worried about making sure they are un-successful at drawing easy points from fouls then tough trick shot baskets.

Rebounds are also an important factor that Biz needs to contribute big time in, with Big Al out it is up to him to give the Hornets big time second chances as well as preventing the Nets from getting easy second chances for points.

This game is  still big for playoff hopes for Charlotte, tonight all Hornets fans should chant “In Biz We Trust.”

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