Big Dub’s Charlotte Hornets Design Portfolio

There were numbers behind the movement for the name change  from Bobcats to Hornets but there was something about Big Dub’s design that gave it a professional touch, made it real and made the skeptics begin to Beelieve!

His designs are what went viral, made it to ESPN and made the rest of the country turn an ear to Charlotte before the Bobcats would even give us the time of day. His designs are now so synonymous with the Hornets that the untrained Hornets Fan’s eyes would believe that at one point or another this was our logo because it is EVERYWHERE.

There are dozens of people who don’t have the old or new Hornets logo tattooed on their body but will forever have Big Dub’s design etched on their flesh because it is so powerful and has taken a life of its own.

This guy has talent. He knows how to build a brand identity and even though he is from New Orleans all of us in Charlotte owe him a huge THANK YOU!









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