POLL: Should Lance Stephenson Stay or Should He Go?

We visited this issue after going 3-0 with Lance out with his groin strain and then we beat the Bucks (an underestimated/overlooked Bucks squad). Of course it resurfaced on the Internet.

Admittedly the Hornets seemed to have better chemistry and have a much more fluid offense in his absence BUT the opponents on the four game win streak weren’t the hardest teams you could face. These were games that any Hornets fan would say “we should win”. The thing that makes the wins over the 76ers, Jazz and Nuggets stand out is that they weren’t the nail bitters we have come accustomed to. They ranged from a 7 point win over the Bucks to a 28 point demolishment of the Nuggets.

Sooooooo rumors of Lance returning to the Pacers (talks went nowhere) and the murmurs of something with the Nets (mostly fueled by Nets fans and Lance posting Brooklyn pictures on Instagram) we look at the question…

What to do with Lance Stephenson?

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