We Are Charlotte Hornets: A Story Hornets Fans Can Relate To


Left to Right: Greg (Papa Buzz), Tricia (Mama Buzz), Evan & Scotty (The Buzz Brothers) “THE KENTS”

Periodically I have done emotional posts that have come at different stages in the Hornets return. I did one for the Buzz City Open House when they announced the board approved the name change. I did one for the day they officially changed their name to the Hornets but honestly it has not hit me till this post… I am 7 days away from going to a CHARLOTTE Hornets game. Wow.

People either say Bring Back the Buzz is the sole reason why the Hornets name is back or say we had nothing to do with it at all. At this moment I can honestly say we don’t care what end of the spectrum you put us at. Either way Scotty and I gave it everything we’ve had for almost 4 years and that is what matters to me. We fought like we were making a difference.

Tho I am young and I cant tell you what stats players had in a game in 1992 or recall specific plays from before 1997 like my brother BUT I can say the emotional memories I have concerning the Hornets are as vivid as ever. The impact it had on me was real. I can remember my family going to a game every Thanksgiving, Birthday or whenever Dad decided to surprise us. I remember laying on the floor in front of the TV and Scotty explaining to me what was and going on. I remember sneaking back downstairs when mom and dad fell asleep to watch games. I remember when they left. I remember crying because those experiences were my fondest memories with my family and I felt like we could never relive them together again. It was literally the first thing Scotty, my best friend/brother, and I ever connected on. The Hornets weren’t just a basketball team. They were my city, my heritage, my history and they were as cheesy as it sounds, my family.

With a mother so into History (She was a docent at the Hezekiah Alexander house, the oldest house in Mecklenburg County and was home to one of the signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence) we quickly learned the historical significance of the name. That combined with our city pride, obsessive/bullheaded nature, and love for sports is what spawned our site.

Bring Back The Buzz has meant so much to both of us. Ive worked harder on this than anything in my entire life besides my soccer career. Yes, harder than school (don’t tell  MaMa Buzz) and harder than my Eagle Scout Award (don’t laugh, that thing was hard lol). When I got hurt and quit playing soccer for Appalachian State it literally saved me from losing my mind. It helped me fill up all that free time I had previously devoted to soccer. It helped me find my passion in life and steered me towards my career path. Above all else it helped bring our family together.

I know I’ve annoyed EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends with my obsession over the years and I know this sounds dramatic but BBTB and yall’s support literally saved my life. THANK YOU! We have met so many great people (people who will undoubtedly be life long friends) who feel the same way we do and have gotten to do so many incredible things. The opportunity to stand next to people you have never met and fight for what you believe in is something that I hope everyone has the chance to experience in their life. There were “haters” big and small but the fans persevered.  You guys made the journey together just as  historical and unforgettable as the destination.

As unBEElievable as it sounds….. the Kents will be going to a Hornets game as a family again! That means more to me than I can ever explain.


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