MMQB: Olsen And The Panthers Strike Back at The Bears

(picture via

(picture via

(Written by David Gabriel)

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!! Just say it 2-3. Now 3-2. Doesn’t 3-2 sound SO much better? Because it is.

A game that looked like good fortune from the start turned mighty ugly in the first half. After the Philly Brown scoop n score on the punt many things went wrong in the 1st half. Jason Avant drops a 3rd down pass to keep a drive alive, Benjamin fumbles (and the dropped passes KB! can’t be afraid to take a hit) and then Cam gets sacked and fumbles. Both turnovers lead to touchdowns. Now we’re driving! All the way into Chicago territory and then..another turnover! A tipped ball gets picked. Seriously?! Aaaaanother turnover. But here was the turning point of the game (I think). Bears drive and settle for a field goal and miss it! So no points off that turnover. Cam puts together a scoring drive right before the half and we are fortunate to be down 7 with what seemed like a million turnovers.

Whatever the coaches said to the defense at half time and whatever changes they made were game winning changes. How many times in the 2nd half did the D get a 3 and out when needed? Finally showing glimpses of last year. Pressure on cutler. Oh yea let’s reverse the fortune and the Bears are turning it over now. A Roman Harper pick (did he read mmqb last week?) DeCoud pick and a HUGE forced fumble on Matt forte by Cason. Now we were working with the short field. Finally we caught a break!

23 yards to go and a tied game. Cam and Greg strike again for the game leading and game WINNING touchdown! The black and blue never gave up yesterday they how do say it? They Kept POUNDING. And that’s what we are going to need the rest of the season. Right now sitting at 3-2 and (still) NFC South leaders.

But how about Cincinnati getting thumped by the Pats on SNF? Panther nation I loved seeing that you know why? Cause they are down. And when they are down it’s time to knock em down a little further. Going and picking a win up in Cinci won’t be easy but it can be done! It’s time to put the big boy AFC pants on and show Cinci there is only one QUEEN CITY and that’s right here in Charlotte, NC. I want to be 4-2 going into the game vs the defending Super Bowl Champs! Who’s with me? Keep Pounding panther nation! Hey at least we aren’t Jets fans!

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