2K14 New Charlotte Hornets Court & Uniform Mods

We would like to start this off by saying that by no means are either one of us “gamers”. We have no idea how this works, if it works for your system etc. All we know is that we are a Hornets fan page and we try to provide you guys with as much cool content as possible. 

While searching the internet i stumbled across these 2 sites where you can supposedly download the New Hornets Court and Uniforms onto 2K14! They looked so cool we just had to share. The first link is for the court. the second is for the Uniforms & Warm-Ups. Good Luck. I Hope It Works. And If it does please share it with us on Twitter @BringBackTheBuz so we can help others enjoy it. Thank You!

(Court Link)


(Uniforms & Warm-Up Link)

6961_hornets big_3 big_4 (1) big_2

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