Dont Expect The New Charlotte Hornets Uniforms To Be On Sale 6/19/2014

Designed By Will Chitty

CONCEPTS Designed By Will Chitty (Disclaimer: the name Charlotte Hornets and its familiar logos are the intellectual property of Hornets Sports Entertainment and the NBA. No profit was made from these images. The content of this site is solely for the enjoyment of fans.)

December 21, 2013 A date that will live on forever in Charlotte Hornets history. Not many fans, besides us crazy ones ;), will remember that night because we played the Utah Jazz and lost in a nail biter. Most people will remember the Goosebumps they got from the buzzing arena, the sea of teal and purple, Jordan’s introduction, Dell Curry proclaiming “We’re Back!” and when the lights went out how you could almost see the buzz come back when we saw the arena only being lit by glow sticks and a jumbotron.

Before the game John Morgan, Scotty, and I (Evan) were invited into a room for a meeting. We didn’t know what for. We joked about the possibility of meeting Michael and our friends and relatives joked that we may never be seen or heard from again. The end result was an informative meeting with Seth Bennett (Senior Vice President, Marketing, Entertainment & Interactive Media),  Mike Cristaldi (Vice President, Communications), and Josh Rosen (Director, Communications). Very Nice Guys! It was a whole bunch of introductions, congratulations, and compliments sprinkled with a little bit of business.  We got to talk to them about what they were thinking about as far as the brand, share ideas and got a little insight on their reasoning for what they had done and what they were going to do.

They told us that they were not selling any apparel with the new logo on it that night because it takes weeks to ship from overseas and they couldn’t risk the possibility of it leaking somewhere in the process. So they had it shipped after the logo reveal. It made sense. That is why we had to wait  those long 28 days for the record attendance day at the arena when they started selling it.

Now brings up the question that everyone has been asking. “Will I be able to buy a jersey the day they reveal it?”

Sadly, I would say don’t count on it. The franchise is wisely taking every precaution to ensure that they have control over every aspect of this transformation to the Hornets. So there is probably only two Charlotte Hornets jerseys, the home and the away. They are probably locked away in Nike’s, Rare Designs’ or even Michael Jordan’s offices lol.

There is also the issue of timing. the draft is coming up and so is the free agency storm so they will probably wait till they can have all these new players on the shelves as well. That combined with the shipping of the jerseys from overseas we will probably have to wait a while. Hopefully not too long 😉



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