Bridging The Gap Between Panthers & Bobcats Fans

The two largest personalities in Charlotte and Cam in a Charlotte Hornets hat at a Bobcats game before the announcement

The two largest personalities in Charlotte, Jordan and Cam in a Charlotte Hornets hat at a Bobcats game before the announcement

The 2004 Panthers fan inside of us all can finally rest a little easier after that victory over the Patriots Monday

This was a huge victory for Panther Nation and the fan base that has been here through it all. We poured into “The Bank” covered from head to toe in black and blue and represented Charlotte. We can finally walk around our own city with our heads held high because Cam did it on the “big stage” and we won another close game for the second week in a row and successfully quieting the doubters.

Remember this feeling of sticking by a team through the thick and thin and the rewarding sensation of watching the home team finally win. If you are like me and broke an ottoman in your house in celebration at the Ted Ginn Touchdown you are swelling with a real pride stemming all the way from your “Cardiac Cats” heart. Now remember the team that plays right down the street at The Time Warner Cable Arena and our future “Hive”. Push aside all of your stereotypes you have formed for this team based off of some 13 year-old-girls tweet who has never watched the team and is trying to be cute and don’t you dare form an opinion off of ESPN which is not much better. This team is just as real and has just as much potential to be great in the next few years as the Panthers did last year.

We are making steps in the right direction concerning this franchise and the fan support. We helped lead the NBA in Season Ticket sales this offseason and the “Buzz City” & “Bring Back The Buzz” campaigns have become an apparel and social media phenomenon never seen before in the history of sports. The return of the Charlotte Hornets nickname will bring a larger sense of ownership for this team by the citizens of Charlotte. The Hornets name paired with blossoming management and promises of actual spending of money for talent should give you a vision of a very bright future.

So Charlotte these are both OUR teams and we should treat them as such. A Panthers fan is a Bobcats (Hornets) fan and a Bobcats (Hornets) fan is a Panthers fan. We a re a city of rich culture and history and we are a city of greatness. So lets rebuild the bridge between the NBA and NFL show the sports world that Charlotte sports fans are something to be feared!

3 thoughts on “Bridging The Gap Between Panthers & Bobcats Fans

  1. They’re not just making Charlotte proud, but all of North (and, yes… I suppose, South) Carolina. I’m so happy to see our Panthers finally having some success and quieting the doubters.

    Also, this the first season that we here in Asheville and Western North Carolina have been able to watch our Bobcats play some basketball. Up to this point, their games were always blacked out. I’m glad that I finally get to make a true connection to our NBA franchise as they make the transition back to being the legitimate basketball team of North Carolina with the Hornets’ name.

  2. this article made my eyes water up with pride. I am citizen of Kingsport Tn, @ the moment, but i AM FROM THE QUEEN CITY AND I BLEED CAROLINA BLUE AND TEAL AND PURPLE….all i know is after the win the other night, i was so proud of our boys! And with them playing like we all have been waiting for them to play, and with the return of our beloved HORNETS!!!! ALL I CAN SAY, IS (TO THE QUEEN city) MAMA IM COMIN HOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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