Why I love my Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets


        Swung by the Bobcats store today to pick up a few Charlotte Hornets birthday gifts for my wife (surprisingly, at her request even though she wouldn’t consider herself a sports fan…power of branding). Anyways, I was shocked by the amount Charlotte Hornets stuff they had, they are stocked! I also had a great convo with the store owner, he asked me what I thought about their merchandise and what I …thought they needed. I was incredibly flattered that he thought enough of my opinion to ask and was also thoroughly impressed with everything.
       I must say from the experience I had getting our season tickets, to the countless conversations I have had with multiple members of their staff, to the time I spent in the team store today, to the very fact that they are rebranding at their fans request….I can honestly say I love my NBA team and I extremely proud to be a Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets fan. Once this teams starts winning I believe NBA hysteria in Charlotte will be back in full force.

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