The “Charlotte Hornets” brand is WAY bigger than Charlotte





To give you an idea of just how much of an international brand the “Charlotte Hornets” are, I decided to post this map of the visits to website over the past year. Since July of last year we have had over 35,000 views from almost 100 different countries, as well as multiple visits from every single one of the states in the US. 

The other amazing thing about the “Charlotte Hornets” brand is that while the team is located in Charlotte, it is popular throughout the Carolinas. Between North Carolina and South Carolina we have had visits from people in over 313 different cities and towns. 

So dont ever let someone tell you that people outside of Charlotte don’t care about the Hornets!!

3 thoughts on “The “Charlotte Hornets” brand is WAY bigger than Charlotte

  1. Amen to that..!!

    I became a fan when i was 12, ii liked the teal and purple colours, and thorought the logo was wicked good!

    Iv been a fan ever since, im 29 now! Hoping to get to america for the opening night 2014..!

    From England

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