POLL: Which Hornet’s Court?

With the big change coming it gives us the freedom to imagine an ideal identity. This fresh start presents the opportunity to pick our favorites aspects of the old Hornets and yet tweak it to suit our new modern tastes!

These are just a few Charlotte Hornet court designs. Please leave a comment with a link of any other court designs you find BUT we’d like to have you good folk vote on these on which you would prefer to see your Charlotte Hornets 2.0 play on in the Hive!









3 thoughts on “POLL: Which Hornet’s Court?

  1. Well written. Along with the ‘Cats/Hornets, I am a devoted Pittsburgh fan partly because of geography, and the fact that the Steelers were founded exactly 39 years before I was born. My point is, imagine Green Bay without the Packers, Pittsburgh without it’s Steelers, or even New York without it’s Yankees. This is not just a team, but an identity. Some cities adapt like what Houston did with the Texans, but they got better. I wasn’t at that last playoff game, but I watched on TV. I knew it was coming to an end. Let’s hope these recent moves, which the guys at Bring Back The Buzz has kept me posted at fb, bring for once something positive for the first time in over a decade. Give this city back their original identity. Make them a playoff contender and a darn good one. And give them personality to where we’ll still root for the bums in the bad years. Don’t just plan for today, but for the future. I’ve never been to the original Hive or the future one, but I do want to one day. And take my family to see one of my favorite basketball teams. The Charlotte Hornets.


    Daniel W.

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