Bobcats name being thrown around as the new “Sacramento Kings”




Michael McCann is a writer for Sports Illustrated and is an NBA TV on-air legal analyst who was was being interviewed by a Seattle sports talk radio station yesterday about the recent news regaurding the Kings staying in Sacramento. 

At around 4 minutes the interview turns bittersweet. He explains that the only way Seattle will get their Supersonics back is if another franchise moves to Seattle. He then goes on to list possible teams that could relocate there “Teams like the Bucks, the Grizzlies, the Charlotte Bobcats…soon to be Hornets”. 

While we just heard from an NBA TV Legal analyst that the Bobcats were going to be the Hornets, we also just found out that we are being eyed as the new “Sacaramento Kings”. Most likely this will not happen in the near future and he was trying to come up with some warm fuzzies to give the Seattle faithful. 

We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! and us have been saying since day one that this rebrand needs to happen to ensure that the NBA stays in Charlotte. However, regaurdless of name this teams belongs to our city and we need to make sure we support them.


Link to audio:

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