This is “HUGO NOW”



This is “Hugo Now” 

The Charlotte Bobcats‘ Fred Whitfield was asked by Channel 14 today about the name change and he said the team was still “reviewing” it. 

There is no “Keep the Cats” campaign for a reason. This is nothing against the franchise itself but the name means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to our city. We were given a name over 200 years ago and that was the HORNETS! At this point we need to let this franchise know that there is no choice.

I was told by someone in the media that “this movement has created a monster and it would be scary to see what this monster did if it didn’t happen”. We are fans of this team, we just want what belongs to us. 

This is happening but they owe it to their fans (customers)/city to let us know.

What we need you to do is…. 

1) Share this photo on facebook. Simple as that. 

2) Remind the Charlotte Bobcats *POLITELY* on facebook, twitter, or email that the time is now. There is absolutely nothing holding them back from announcing they are applying for a name change. 

If you are wondering what this is going to accomplish, remember the only reason any of you know about us is because of social media. Social media has gotten this movement all the way to New York Times and ESPN. 

It is time to press the restart button and pretend this Bobcats thing never happen. 

New Coach, New Name, New Era

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