#BringBacktheBuzz and We Beelieve’s 4th and final “Silent Swarm”

The 3 “Swarm Time Warner” events we’ve organized over the past year have been some of the most joyful, important moments in the 3 year history of this wacky little Movement. Not a day goes by that a diehard True Beeliever doesn’t ask us or John from “We Beelieve” when we’re pulling together the next one.

We’ve also spoken directly with the Charlotte Bobcats on numerous occasions (no bigwigs; don’t worry…we’re not holding out on y’all ;). Here’s the gist of of their response: they love our enthusiasm. They love the attention we’ve brought to the squad. They wouldn’t trade the energy and support we bring to the arena for anything. That being said: they get it. The front office gets it. In their (and frankly, our) opinion, we’ve kind of done what we can do with the ‘Swarm’ format. Anybody who was there knows: we were loud but respectful; we were organized and unified, but it felt like we were “everywhere”. It was just as perfect as we could’ve hoped (especially the last one).

All things considered, it’d be pretty close to impossible to top.

Now, even though that may be the case, we thought it’d be nice to do a little something to close out the season (and hopefully the “‘Cats” brand) in style. Our last weekend home game is Saturday, April 13th against the Milwaukee Bucks. We have a group of 10-15 True Beelievers that’re planning to get together, wear our teal and purple, and come out in support of the home team. A “Silent Swarm” , if you will. But don’t let the title mislead you; we’ll be as loud and as proud as ever. We just thought it’d be a good idea, here at what very well may be the end of Charlotte’s B**Cats’ era, to drop any sort of perceived divisiveness that our coordinated chants/section takeovers might’ve engendered within the minds of the uninitiated. Simply put: we want and come together one last time in support of our Cats (before they become our Bugs :).

And we’d positively LOVE IT if as many of y’all as possible would join us. Here’s the plan: buy as good a seat as you can afford (right now, there are lower level seats available for as little as $17, and uppers available for as little as $1.50 on StubHub!), wear your teal and purple, and get rowdy for the “Cats”, one last time. No coordinated chants, no overt acts of what might be misconstrued as ‘defiance’. Just pure, unadulterated support for OUR team.

It’s been a rocky relationship for the B**Cats in the Queen City from the start; that much is undeniable. But through each and every one of their semi-annual uniform updates, one thing has remained constant: the all said CHARLOTTE across the chest (well, the ‘away’ jerseys, anyway…y’all get my drift ;). That fact alone has been what’s carried me through the rough patches with this franchise. And you know what? All that struggle is what’s going to make Hugo’s triumphant return that much sweeter.

I hope most of y’all feel the same.

APRIL 13th.

Bee There 🙂

Facebook Event link:

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