Michael Jordan thinks Charlotte is “mixed” on the Charlotte Hornets….here is what we are doing

“Judging from the e-mails you’ve sent me, the opinion seems to be very mixed” Michael Jordan

This is a direct quote taken from Michael Jordan and his Chairman’s Corner post that came out last night about the Charlotte Bobcats changing their name to the Charlotte Hornets. Immediately this sent our social networking sites into a frenzy. This response from MJ tells me two things…. The first one is that we need to be louder and let them hear the BUZZ. The second one is that this is happening, mentioning a possible name change if you have no plan on doing it is only going to cause way more damage to your fanbase…..they know this.

Within the past day we have become inundated with questions about how people could let MJ know that they want to Bring Back the Buzz. Well John Morgan from We Beelieve was nice enough to come up with the list below. Image

1) Sign our Petition (every signature sends an email DIRECTLY to the ‘Cats).


2) Visit the link below and send an email DIRECTLY to Michael himself. Be calm, be cool, be collected, but let him know just how valuable that teal and purple is to you.


3) Continue to make your voice heard on the ‘Cats Facebook page, as well as their Twitter account (@bobcats). Social Media is what’s gotten us this far, gang…let’s keep pushing in this arena.


4) You can also call them at (704) 688-8600

5) Their mailing address is “333 East Trade Street” obviously Charlotte, NC 28202 (Send them a letter)

6) KEEP THE FAITH! I can’t help feeling like we’re on the precipice of something great, guys, but the battle isn’t won. Keep spreading the Hornets Gospel amongst your social circles. Keep letting anybody and everybody who’ll listen know how you feel about this whole thing. Together, we’ve watched this Movement grow from a handful of guys with laptops posting old Grandmama pics to the point that MICHAEL JORDAN is acknowledging our mission. Just let that sink in for a little bit. Y’all have been nothing short of amazing throughout this entire process, there’s ZERO reason to let up now.


Let’s take back our Hornets 🙂

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