#BringBacktheBuzz gets interviewed by The New York Times!!!

Hornets - BBTB Logo (Transparency)

Viv Bernsetein will be interviewing Scotty, I (Evan) for the Online and Sunday Print of the New York Times! The Movement will be going on a global stage like never before on one of the largest news distributors in the world!This is Huge! even though many local media sources around Charlotte have made fun of our movement for a long time (Rick Bonnell) we finally hae recieved some validation for all the people have fought for!

2 thoughts on “#BringBacktheBuzz gets interviewed by The New York Times!!!

  1. Sounds like it has become more about Scotty and Evan to me. I mean, it’s a cool thing, but the team is only interested in hearing from the season-ticket holders and it doesn’t really matter if you have a story in the NYT or not. You had to buy season-tickets just to have them pretend to care about your opinion. People have wanted the Hornets name back, since well before you guys.

    1. Mike I am sorry you feel this way. It has never been our intent to receive the credit. Infact we have said the complete opposite in almost every interview we have ever done. This is about Charlotte and always has been from day one. Now of course people have wanted the Hornets name back long before you ever heard of us but the reality is we have been doing this for 3 years now and have not made a dime. The only reason we have gotten any media attention within the past year is because there appears to be some validity in the movement I, Evan and John from “We Beelieve….Charlotte Take Back Your Hornets started.

      We spoke with the Bobcats and there will be a survey that is going out to the city aswell, asking them how they feel about the name change. And the Bobcats do not have to pretend to care about our opinion, they are a multi million dollar organization….they do not have to do anything they dont want to. However, they realize the importance of this name, what it means to this city and that the name Hornets has belonged to this town loooooong before the NBA was founded in New York City in 1946.

      We appreciate your opinion but we respectfully disagree.

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