The Biggest Moment In Charlotte Hornets History since the day the team left…..SWARM!

Well, has only been in the Facebook world for roughly 2 months and we have managed to come within 100 of 1,000 likes. Our blog has clocked in over 30,000 views in 10 months, our website is sitting around the same number in less time and our twitter account is almost at 2,500 followers (not to mention the over 8,000 followers the We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! has!).

If you are wondering why I am bombarding you with all these numbers, it is to show that we have the support to make a jaw dropping impression (ESPN/Sports Center Worthy) on January 19 at our SWARM TIME WARNER EVENT. If you have not purchased your tickets for the Cheap Seats (sections 205, 206) act now….because there only a few left in 205.

Also, if you are looking for some Bring Back the Buzz gear for the event, you can visit our website and purchase one of our shirts for only 15$.

Thanks for everything you guys have done up until this point, none of this would be possible. All we are doing is organizing the voice of Charlotte. SWARM photo

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