Rachel Auwater’s letter to Michael Jordan

Dear Mr. Jordan,
I, along with many others, am writing to you in hopes that you will hear our plea. We are asking that you Bring Back the Buzz to the QC. “Plea” may sound desperate, but I don’t think that is much of an exaggeration for Charlotte NBA fans. So, if I may, ask that you read our letters and consider our request, as there is an opportunity to get the Hornets name back!
I am a 25 year old North Carolinian; Born and raised 30 minutes outside of the Queen City. You may know where I am going with that, but I’ll tell you anyways J I grew up during the Charlotte Hornets hay day, and remember it fondly! LJ, Muggsy, Zo, Rice, Davis….there were it! They mattered to the fans, young and old. Charlotte was always buzzing, pun intended, about our team. The Hive was always crazy and Hugo was so much fun! Those were great memories…memories of a winning attitude, crazed fans, and pride in our city, but those memories seem so long ago. The coliseum is gone, the air is stale, and the fans are detached. So, where do we go from here? Easy, Bring Back the Buzz!
The former ownership left a terrible taste in our mouths, but we have new ownership and a huge opportunity to get the change Charlotte NBA fans need. We need to pounce on the opportunity, so I’ll give you a few reasons why the Hornets belong in the QC:
• The “Hornets” name has ties to Charlotte that date back to the Revolutionary War.
• The Bobcats name is directly tied to the worst winning percentage in NBA history and a terrible, former owner!
• Charlotte Hornets gear is selling like crazy and the purple/teal combo is everywhere.
• We have a new owner, coach, talent, and philosophy that deserve a winning name.
• TWCA would be the perfect Hive 2.0…it’s in the heart of Charlotte.
I could go on, believe me, but I understand an owner’s time is important. So, thank you so much for using that time to read my letter. Things have been falling into place, and it is our time to take action and get the Charlotte Hornets back!

Rachel Auwater

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