Wear Your Hornet’s Gear to B**Cat’s Games


So we have heard from Mr.Jordan! He says that if the community shows interest in the Nickname change then he will pursue it. There ya go! We have mission!

We have come to the realization through this process that a lot of our supporters are the same people who actually go to the Bobcat’s games. Funny thing is, Bring Back The Buzz supporters make up the majority at these games.

                If Jordan won’t listen to the movements directly we figured we would ask ya’ll to do us a little favor. For the rest of the season, whatever game you go to, sport your hornets gear and have your friends do the same. If they don’t have gear, lend them a hat, a shirt, a jacket, whatever!

Then send us a picture of you at the game! Get creative! Take ‘em with the Cheerleaders or even Rufus! We need to let Jordan now how the community feels! Lets BRING BACK THE BUZZ!!!

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