MAMABUZZ Halloween HORNETS CHARACTER costume contest!!!

Attention Bees and Ghouls!


Anyone who knows Evan and Scotty BringBackTheBuzz knows that when they were growing up the Old Hivestead was always a buzzing place on Halloween! In honor of her favorite holiday, our very ownMAMABUZZ has announced her first ever Halloween HORNETSCHARACTER costume contest!!!


This isn’t about the Swag this time folks – it’s about the Characters that make up our great HORNETS HISTORY!!!

So get your Grandmamma costume out of mothballs and your George Shinn mask out of the attic and send us your pics! and we’ll post them all over (FB,TWITTER,INSTAGREAM. And OUR BLOG) Remember to think outside the hive folks – how about a ref from the first home game? The entire starting lineup?  B**CAT Zombees?  James K Flynn?  (extra point if you ARE James K)!  Do you think you’re a doppelganger for the Buzz Boyz or John Morgan? – give it your best shot!  BEE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!

MAMABUZZ will announce her favorite on Tuesday, October 30. The winner will be invited to MAMA and PAPA BUZZ’ Hivestead on Halloween night to receive aHornets gifts basket including a pair of B**Cats tickest and have their picture taken with the BUZZ family. That picture will be our cover photo on the new BRINGBACKTHEBUZZ FACEBOOK page for November! Here’s your chance to see the birthplace of BringBackThe Buzz!

Come on all you beelievers out there – put your Hornets snap-back thinking caps on and get buzzy!!!

You can also send pics to

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