The New York Times and NBC Nightly News have caught Charlotte Hornets BUZZ!

4.So what’s with the hornet’s nests, which are on every police car and officer’s uniform as well? No, it’s not an artistic statement or an infestation warning. During the Revolutionary War, the British commander Charles Cornwallis called Charlotte “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.” The name proudly stuck. More than 200 years later, when the N.B.A. came to Charlotte, the team was called the Hornets. But then the franchise moved to New Orleans and, to the dismay of some, kept the name. Charlotte now has the Bobcats, a team that last season produced the worst record in the history of the league. Message to the N.B.A.: Please return the Hornets.

– VIV BERNSTEIN of the “New York Times”

“Reporting live at the home of the Charlotte Hornets” (reporting for the 2012 Democratic National Convention)

– Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News

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