Mr. Jordan, you have another letter from Chris Chambers!

Dear Michael Jordan,
I never thought I would be writing you a letter… I really hope this finds you well!
I was born in Charlotte in 1983. I grew up bleeding teal and purple all over Hornet’s Nest park, and I love this city with every fiber of my being. I still visit said park once and a while for a nice game of disc golf. Have you tried it? I bet you would kick ass!
I remember when the Hornets left all too well. It seemed like Charlotte had lost it’s heart. The city stopped listening to the community, and just did whatever the people in control wanted. So many iconic businesses closed. The Coliseum was imploded… the airport bought up a bunch of land and closed those businesses including the Copal Grill… bah, I could go on forever about the disregard of public opinion and illusion of choice that has been rampant in this area for the past 10 years.
The gift of another NBA team was… something. I said from the first day, “they aren’t my Hornets”, but I did give them a solid chance. My family had Hornets PSL’s every year, so when the B__cats came around, we got a set for the first season.
I tried. I tried really, really hard. It was like being set up with a random person by NBA-Harmony, and knowing I had to tell them it wasn’t going to work out. B__cats tickets get passed around this city like chewing gum. I’ve gotten some third-hand, and passed them on to someone else. Hornets tickets, on the other hand, were always coveted.
I can’t imagine how demeaning it would be to stand on the floor in that stadium and look around and see so many empty orange seats. Charlotte does not have B__cat pride. Mention the H word, and you might see a grown man cry. Switch those seats out for teal ones, and get a new scream-meter. We  willll rock that place to the ground.
The Panthers have been amazing for this city. I was at their first game at Clemson, and I walked on the field of BofA stadium when it was still just a pile of red clay! They have done so much for this city in the terms of rebuilding our pride. But there will always be a big Hugo-shaped scar… unless you bring the magic back.
Mr. Jordan… if you bring the “Hornets” name back to us, you will most definitely be the King of the Queen City. Bee-lievers will fill the seats and chant your name! =D I know YOU know what that sounds like. Let’s do this, man. You bring the buzz back, and I will die in this city.
Chris Chambers

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