BBTB Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game


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By Jason Sharpe

Disclaimer: Prior to reading, Bring Back the Buzz encourages you to please drink responsibly.

Let’s face it: You’re going to be drinking during Super Bowl 50, so you might as well make a game of it to do your part for the Panthers off-the-field as the players take care of business on-the-field. All the tackles, touchdowns, commentator banter, and spicy food you will eat while watching Super Bowl 50 are surefire ways to make you thirsty. Without further ado, here are some rules and mentions to abide by during Super Bowl 50 to make the unofficial holiest national holiday even more enjoyable with a drink in your hand.

  1. The Golden Rule: No talking during commercials. If you speak during a commercial, you must chug your beverage for the duration of the following commercial. It’s probably best to keep an “on deck” beer just incase you run out during penance.
  2. Whenever you hear Peyton Manning say “Omaha” in a snap count, take one sip per “Omaha,” per down.
  3. In the original Super Bowl in 1967, the Green Bay Packers were coach to victory by Vince Lombardi. Any time the legendary coach’s name is mentioned (including the championship trophy named for him), take one sip.
  4. Whenever the “Golden Anniversary” of the Super Bowl is mentioned, take one sip.
  5. Whenever “Old” vs. “New” school quarterbacks regarding Peyton Manning and Cam Newton is mentioned, take one sip.
  6. Whenever you are reminded, “This the first Super Bowl where both starting QBs are No. 1 overall draft picks,” take one sip.
  7. Whenever you hear, “Remember: There has to be indisputable video evidence to overturn the call on the field,” take one sip.
  8. Anytime Cam Newton signals a first-down by his signature “point downfield,” take a three-second sip.
  9. If Cam Newton leaves his feat to literally “Superman” into the end zone, finish your drink and then take a shot.
  10. Anytime Cam Newton enters the end zone for six points, finish your drink.
  11. Anytime any Panthers player enacts the routine “Sunday Giveaway” with a football from a recently scored touchdown, take a ten-second sip. Because, the Panthers just scored a touched, and because you wish you were that kid that just received a Super Bowl touchdown football.
  12. Anytime Mike Tolbert does a ridiculous dance, take a five-second sip. If he does this after scoring a touchdown, skip the sip and proceed to taking one shot.
  13. Anytime Kelvin Benjamin’s season-ending injury is mentioned and/or he is shown on the sidelines, take one sip.
  14. Anytime Devin Funchess’ contributions as a rookie to make up for the lack of Kelvin Benjamin’s presence on-the-field is mentioned, take one sip.
  15. If Ted Ginn Jr. catches a touchdown, take one shot.
  16. Anytime Panthers’ offensive tackle Michael Oher is mentioned regarding “The Blind Side” or how his lackluster career turned around with the Panthers, take one sip.
  17. Anytime Panthers’ offensive tackle Michael Oher’s adopted parents are shown, take one sip.
  18. Anytime you see Greg Olsen referenced as “Third Leg Greg” on Twitter, take one sip.
  19. Whenever Luke Kuechly makes a play and the inevitable “Luuuuuuuuuuke” cheer echoes across Levi’s Stadium, drink for the duration of the cheer.
  20. If Luke Kuechly returns an interception for a touchdown, finish your drink.
  21. Whenever you are reminded that Thomas Davis recovered from three ACL tears over the course of his career to get to this point, take one sip.
  22. Whenever you are reminded that Thomas Davis is playing with a broken arm, take one sip.
  23. Whenever Josh Norman’s matchup with Odell Beckham Jr. is mentioned, take one sip.
  24. Anytime a Panthers’ defensive player intercepts Peyton Manning, take a ten-second sip.
  25. Anytime the Panthers’ defense sacks Peyton Manning, take a three-second sip.
  26. If Ted Ginn Jr. returns a kick for a touchdown, take a shot.
  27. Whenever “Ohio State” or “The Buckeyes” are mentioned, take one sip. (Ohio State University is the most represented college in Super Bowl 50, with Bradley Roby suited up for the Broncos and Ted Ginn Jr., Kurt Coleman, Philly Brown and Andrew Norwell suited up for the Panthers).
  28. Whenever Cam Newton’s recent fatherhood is mentioned, take one sip.
  29. Whenever Peyton Manning’s HGH scandal is referenced, take one shot. The figurative shot you take represents the literal shot.
  30. Whenever Von Miller’s previous suspensions are mentioned, take one sip.
  31. Whenever Broncos punter Britton Colquitt steps onto the field, take a four-second sip. (Britton Colquitt comes from a long line of NFL punters. His father Craig won two Super Bowl rings with the Pittsburgh Steelers. His uncle Jimmy punted for Seattle. His brother Dustin is the current punter for the Kansas City Chiefs). The four-second sip is one second for each Colquitt punter.
  32. Whenever you see either teams’ mascots, take one sip. (Denver has two mascots: Thunder, a purebred Arabian horse, and Miles, the plush horse, while Carolina has Sir Purr.
    *You must “heehaw” if it is the Broncos’ mascots or “meow” if it is the Panthers’).
  33. “The Dab”
    • Anytime any Panthers’ player dabs, take one sip.
    • If the dabber is Cam Newton, take a three-second sip.
    • If owner Jerry Richardson hits the dab, take a five-second sip
    • If a Broncos’ player dabs, pour a sip out for the haters.
  34. “Take a sip” whenever you hear the following references in regards to Peyton Manning:
    • “Legacy”
    • “Football IQ”
    • “Neck surgery”
    • “Last rodeo”
    • “The Sheriff”
    • Any reference to possible retirement.
  35. “Take a sip” whenever you hear the following references in regards to Cam Newton:
    • “Dabbing”
    • “Controversial or any other synonym”
    • “Plays with a chip on his shoulder”
    • “Fueled by the critics”
    • “Silence the critics”
    • “New face of the league”
    • “Redefining the quarterback position”
  36. “Take a sip” whenever CBS shows footage of:
    • The Golden Gate Bridge
    • Alcatraz
    • “The Painted Ladies” houses
    • Lombard Street, descending Russian Hill
    • Transamerica Pyramid building, including cityscape shots
    • Demaryius Thomas’ mom
    • Archie Manning and Eli Manning in their luxury box
    • Gary Kubiak as a Broncos player
    • Ron Rivera in Super Bowl 20 with the Bears or anytime with the ’85 Bears
    • Panthers owner Jerry Richardson
  37. Take a sip every time you yawn during Coldplay’s halftime performance.
  38. If the Panthers win Super Bowl 50, Bring Back the Buzz encourages you to start playing by your own rules.

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