MMQB: The Panthers Bright Side…Kind of


(Written By David Gabriel)

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!! Well you see what had happen was…well nothing happened. By the time the Panthers got their first first down of the game GB already had 21 points. First 3 GB drives touchdowns. First 3 Carolina drives 3 and outs. Penalties on third down killed us early in the game. Aaron Rodgers killed us the whole game. And the sorry ass secondary will kill us ALL season long.

I mean seriously these guys couldn’t stop the charlotte catholic cougars passing attack (and they throw like 5 times a game!) Well why does the secondary suck? Because it’s completely different from last year. Dave Gettleman got rid of starters and replaced them with backups! Not going to stop elite quarterbacks with second stringers. I mean seriously roman Harper looks old even with a helmet on. Even after this massacre and demoralization there is a slight hope.

We play in the NFC South! We are still in first thanks to a choke by New Orleans. Luckily we play a struggling Seattle this week but no QB will struggle against our secondary. Defense either cut Godfrey this week or just don’t play the man. Like I’ve said before all we have to do is make the playoffs. And that goal is still a reality! Keep pounding black and blue. Maybe practice some Defense this week for the sanity of panthers fans everywhere. Keep pounding people.

MMQB: Olsen And The Panthers Strike Back at The Bears

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(Written by David Gabriel)

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!! Just say it 2-3. Now 3-2. Doesn’t 3-2 sound SO much better? Because it is.

A game that looked like good fortune from the start turned mighty ugly in the first half. After the Philly Brown scoop n score on the punt many things went wrong in the 1st half. Jason Avant drops a 3rd down pass to keep a drive alive, Benjamin fumbles (and the dropped passes KB! can’t be afraid to take a hit) and then Cam gets sacked and fumbles. Both turnovers lead to touchdowns. Now we’re driving! All the way into Chicago territory and then..another turnover! A tipped ball gets picked. Seriously?! Aaaaanother turnover. But here was the turning point of the game (I think). Bears drive and settle for a field goal and miss it! So no points off that turnover. Cam puts together a scoring drive right before the half and we are fortunate to be down 7 with what seemed like a million turnovers.

Whatever the coaches said to the defense at half time and whatever changes they made were game winning changes. How many times in the 2nd half did the D get a 3 and out when needed? Finally showing glimpses of last year. Pressure on cutler. Oh yea let’s reverse the fortune and the Bears are turning it over now. A Roman Harper pick (did he read mmqb last week?) DeCoud pick and a HUGE forced fumble on Matt forte by Cason. Now we were working with the short field. Finally we caught a break!

23 yards to go and a tied game. Cam and Greg strike again for the game leading and game WINNING touchdown! The black and blue never gave up yesterday they how do say it? They Kept POUNDING. And that’s what we are going to need the rest of the season. Right now sitting at 3-2 and (still) NFC South leaders.

But how about Cincinnati getting thumped by the Pats on SNF? Panther nation I loved seeing that you know why? Cause they are down. And when they are down it’s time to knock em down a little further. Going and picking a win up in Cinci won’t be easy but it can be done! It’s time to put the big boy AFC pants on and show Cinci there is only one QUEEN CITY and that’s right here in Charlotte, NC. I want to be 4-2 going into the game vs the defending Super Bowl Champs! Who’s with me? Keep Pounding panther nation! Hey at least we aren’t Jets fans!

MMQB: Smitty’s Revenge



(Written by David Gabriel)

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!! say that like you want to pull your hair out. A year ago MMQB started after a disappointing loss to the AZ Cardinals and the Panthers dropped to 1-3. I was calling for Riverboat Ron’s job and called out anyone I could think of. I guess the good news here is we are 2-2 this year!…. I’ll get to the offense later but Defense, what in the world?! 38 points given up, 75 points in the last 2 games? Went from a defense that was #2 overall last year to this now. No pressure on the quarterback (thanks Greg) where ya at Charles?, secondary (*cough* Roman Harper) you better figure out something soon because here is a list of upcoming QBs we face: Cutler, Dalton, Rodgers, Wilson, Brees, Foles and Ryan. Yikes! Roman Harper just gained 100 more grey hairs. Oh and he just missed another tackle. Ice up gramps.

Now for the other side of the ball the offense, or lack thereof. A banged up quarterback with his top 3 RBs injured is not the recipe for success on any team, unless your Peyton Manning. Wait, who’s running the ball?! What’s his name? He’s on the team? That would be Darrin Reaves and Tauren Poole and to be honest I could tell you nothing about either besides they are the 3rd and 4th string RB. Can Stephen Davis come out of retirement? Cam is most effective when we can run the ball with purpose and the D can do their part to keep it a reasonable score. The past 2 weeks we have failed to do either. Panther Nation I would say I have some optimism but the body language of the team yesterday spoke volumes to me. They look defeated and it’s only week 4. The injury bug has hit the Panthers, again. But we can’t blame Roman Harper for everything.

Standing at 2-2 is not as bad as it seems. Tied for 1st place in the NFC South and the way Tampa and NO are looking is pleasing. The next 7 weeks before the bye will truly test us. Time to put these last 2 behind us and move on! KEEP POUNDING. Chicago comes to town next Sunday and for the love of my sanity please dominate (oh yea and win). As I finish this weeks disappointing MMQB I tip my hat off to you agent 89. For 11 years we had the privilege to watch you go to battle and represent our ball club. I’m not shocked at all you are turning into the #1 target and emotional leader up in Baltimore. You sure did make the secondary look like school yard kids minus Roman Harper, pretty hard to make him look young.

MMQB: The Painful SNF Loss to The Steelers

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(picture from

(Written by David Gabriel)

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!! So I was totally wrong thinking me smashing a little Prius bumper with a Pittsburgh sticker on it was some kind of foreshadowing. Luckily no one was injured in the accident. But as far as that Steelers bumper goes…check anywhere on Ballantyne Commons for that junk.

Offense started slow again just like the Lions game. Field goals will not win games. Didn’t we find that out against San Fran last year in the playoffs?

Also Philly Brown will not win you any games. Who? Yes Philly Brown from I have no idea where but he wears the black and blue so I support. What can Brown do for you? He can drop a punt in the 4th quarter right after the defense gets a very quick 3 and out with 11 minutes left in the game down 10 and we need scores. Well Mr. Brown drops the punt and it goes all the way into the endzone recovered by Pittsburgh for a TD and the game was done after that. I’m not blaming the L on Brown at all.

Defense got a nice wake up call. Offense needs Deangelo and Stew out there and maybe some WR that can help Kelvin Benjamin. I think that guy could have been Ted Ginn Jr. Guess who would of been back there last night returning that punt Philly just couldn’t seem to handle? That’s right Ted Ginn. Who knows what if he houses it and Panthers are down 3 instead of 17! Minor details but so costly.

The final score says it all we got beat, bad. However it could have been a different game with a successful punt return or just catching the damn ball!

I have wonderful family members who live in Pittsburgh so I am not generalizing all steelers fans here but at least the people around me last night were the prime time example of a fair weather steelers fan and the lack of class fanmanship was just embarrassing for you and your “fans.”

HOWEVER PANTHER NATION it is only ONE game. Maybe we needed this. A good ol kick in the rear to fire us up and bring us down to Earth.

Apparently there will be blood and guts on the field next week…. I know 89 was my favorite player but this week he’s on the other side. My advice for you 89 ice up before and after the game. You heard it hear on MMQB Smitty will have no more than 50 yards and 0 ZERO touchdowns. Next week we need a strong rebound vs a good AFC North team in a hostile environment.

Like I said it was only one game, luckily there are 13 left. KEEP POUNDING Panther Nation!