Meet The “Bring Back the Buzz”Blog Team

Tyler Ball (Tyler Knows Nest)


My name is Tyler and I have lived over half my life in Charlotte NC, so naturally seeing the Hornets come back home where they belong was an amazing piece of history to witness. I have a couple nicknames so if you reply directly to me feel free to call me Tyler or “T.Ball” if you want. I am a proud Alumnus of The Marshall University and have found a passion for sports journalism.

I am also a Staff Writer at for three pages so feel free to also check them out!:

I also have an additional web page for all Hornet fans to come together to vent, communicate, and debate topics with other fans.

Please feel free to follow or contact me on Twitter @T_Ball_N

David Walters (Buzz Weekly)


What’s up Hornets fans, my name is David Walters and I am one of the new writers for Bring Back the Buzz.  I’ve always been a homer when it comes to sports; I love the Carolina Panthers, I bleed Tar Heel blue and of course I have always enjoyed Charlotte Hornets basketball.  I have covered Charlotte professional sports for over seven years now and I look forward to sharing my writing with you Hornets fans, particularly as we embark on a historic return to our trademark name during this season.  Feel free to comment and carry on conversations with my articles, as I feel that is an excellent forum to keep us involved with other like-minded Hornets fans.

Take care and KEEP BUZZING!


You can follow me on Twitter @Original_DWade


Chris Parette (Hornets Hardball)



I am currently at UNCC as a Communications Major, and I would love to be a sports journalist one day. I love going to Hornets games and watching them on TV, and I am looking forward to the future after some shaky Bobcats seasons. Other hobbies I enjoy include watching Football, playing Hockey, and working out.

You can follow me on twitter @ExtraChrisP_



(Left to Right: Scotty & Evan Kent)

(Left to Right: Scotty & Evan Kent)

Scotty and Evan started Bring Back The Buzz back in 2010. Scotty is a Middle Grades Educator at Our Lady of Assumption school and Evan is a Senior at Appalachian State University (Major: Public Relations, Minor: Marketing)

Follow us on twitter @BringBacktheBuz

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